Principles and Core Values

Transparency. Integrity. Mutual Benefit.

Our core values are driven by a desire to exceed investor expectations in terms of customer service and return on investment.

Our Investment Objectives

While our prime concern is always to preserve the capital base, our investment objective is to generate returns on investment at a rate considerably higher than prevailing bank interest rate, bond rates or stock market indices.

Nearly all of our strategies have a directional bias however they still have the potential to profit in an opposing or non-directional market. This allows consistent growth and the ability to prosper in diverse market conditions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine the investment management service by offering transparency, excellence in the field of money management and outstanding client support.

When you read through our website you will understand all aspects of our services so you can look forward to consistent returns with low draw downs driven by full transparency.


Corporate Responsibility

As an investment firm we pay special attention to the protection of our clients interests. In this business, trust, transparency and accountability are quintessential.

We are committed to maintain good relationship and fair business conditions to all our clients and business partners. We have made it our responsibility to provide our clients with the utmost in value and asset management and to maximize their revenues. We strongly believe in a business model based on mutual benefit: we only get paid if you get paid.