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What We Do

Our ambition is to offer retail investors access to above-market returns via our automated trading algorithms.
Retail traders have the choice to purchase our algorithms or receive our automated trading signals.
Investors can safely and securely enjoy the benefits of our algorithmic trading via our Managed Accounts.

The team at TulipFX has over 26 years trading experience in both trading and coding algorithms. We develop, test and trade our own automated strategies. Trading strategies may vary from shorter term scalping to longer term swing trading, and all systems are designed following the same strict risk parameters and have undergone rigorous back- and forward testing prior to release.

Risk management is an essential but often overlooked prerequisite to successful trading. At TulipFX, we consider the preservation of capital our most important task in trading. Whether we trade manually or automated, we know our risk parameters upfront. In system design, only those systems which fall within our risk parameters will be considered for further testing and live trading.

One way to reduce (systematic) risk and increase profitability is to combine several algorithms in a portfolio. When a new strategy is added to a portfolio, we balance the portfolio risk elements, calibrate overall risk and make sure all elements within the portfolio enhance each other. This method usually leads to an increase in overall performance while reducing risk.

We are always on the lookout to welcome outside talent to our trading. These full time traders usually have an extended trading record which shows consistent profitability. We work with them in different manners: some join TulipFX while others remain independent. Different forms of collaboration are possible as long as there’s a win-win for all parties, including our clients.

Who We Are

At TulipFX we are a team of professional and dedicated traders. We love to trade. And we love to generate automated algorithms. Our in-house skills include strong understanding of technical analyses, statistics, and the development of automated trading algorithms. With over 25 years combined experience in trading, we know how to analyze charts, develop automated trading algorithms and manage trading accounts. With our team based around the globe we follow the economic agenda 24/7.
The main investment objective of our funds is consistent capital growth, using the S&P as well as Barclay’s CTA Index® as a benchmark. Our goal is to outperform these benchmarks while keeping the downside risk to a minimum. We achieve this […]

Our Systems

All systems below are available via our automated trading software or EAs.
Some of these systems will be offered in the “Umbrella” portfolio and are available via a Managed Account.
The LAB sections shows our promising systems which are not yet available to the public.

Live Systems

Total Net Growth

Avg Monthly Growth

Total Net Growth

Avg Monthly Growth

Systems LAB

Here we show the systems we’re currently testing and show great promise.
If the candidates in the LAB continue to perform well we will make them available to the public.

Total Net Growth

Avg Monthly Growth

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