About Us

Find your new way to
  • successful investing.
  • profitable trading.
  • financial success.

At TulipFX we are a team of professional and dedicated traders. We love to trade. And we love to generate automated algorithms. Our in-house skills include strong understanding of technical analyses, statistics, and the development of automated trading algorithms. With over 26 years combined experience in trading, we know how to analyze charts, develop automated trading algorithms and manage trading accounts. With our team based around the globe we follow the economic agenda 24/7.

We’re not marketeers, we are traders. You won’t find our emails overloading your inbox with hype and promises of being a millionaire by Christmas. We develop our own algorithmic trading programs allowing you to grow your nest egg.

And if we can’t find it in house, we attract the finest and well-established traders out there and offer them a gateway to the public.

If  you are profitable we are successful. It’s simple like that. A true win-win situation. And we feel that’s where we differ from most banks and investment institutions.

In a Nutshell

The Proof and the Pudding

Combining our team’s experience, we’ve been working in this business for more than 26 years. We’ve developed and programmed many trading systems, and only the best operate on our accounts. They satisfy our strict criteria of acceptable risk and consistently returns – irrespective of market conditions. What we publish on this website are genuine, third party verified results. The trading accounts show exactly the same results as all our customers experience. Transparency is important to us.

Safety First

We very much dislike losing money, and that is always our first concern. While our aim is to outperform the market – this must be done with controlled risk. Finding the balance between returns and responsible risk is the key. Protection of capital and good money management is often ignored by investors, but really, this is the key to long term success. Control the downside and let the upside take care of itself.

Think KISS

Profiting from our systems is simple – you deposit funds into your broker account. That’s it, we take care of the rest. If you wish to add more funds you can. If you want to withdraw funds you can do that too – all without any penalties or any additional charges. Whether you join our Managed Account program or use our trade signals: You’re in charge. Simple and effective.